How to Schedule a Facebook Post
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Scheduling a Facebook post is the easiest way to keep engagement up with your small group of rosters. You can schedule a post for anything - the workouts of the week that you know are required posting, as well as any other posts that you think might be pertinent to your group. It can be about Events, training, or just getting to know your rosters better.

I've put together a short guide on how to schedule posts with the Classic Facebook desktop interface (there is a Facebook Beta, and if you need a guide to that, I can walk you through it). We also have a short demo on Classic Facebook via iPhone further down.

Classic Facebook Desktop Interface

First, go to your Class Facebook page. Begin by typing your post. When you're finished, look for the CLOCK ICON near  the "Post" button. 


Once you've clicked the CLOCK ICON, a new screen will open. This box will ask you which date and time in the future you'd like to schedule your post. Click SCHEDULE once you've selected those items from the menu.


Lastly, confirm that your post has been SCHEDULED. Look for this bar (circled in red on this image) on your Class page.


For Classic Facebook iphone interface:

Underneath your name and the greyed-out Class heading, look for the Schedule drop-down menu.

Click the Schedule menu button. It will give you date and time roller options to select your preferred scheduled post times.

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