PATHFINDER Planning Calendar : Everything You Need to Know

Download & Print this PATHFINDER Planning Calendar and let's get to work on your plan.

PATHFINDER works because you build it according to your schedule. We aren't day-by-day, because you know your life and needs better than we do. You will be more successful when you have the power to direct your programming. If you've scheduled it, you know you need to do it.

  1. FIRST
    • Sketch out the Challenges you'd like to do. You can read more about them in our Challenges Guide and then make your firm decisions. Often it's best to put most of these in starting around weeks 5 & 6.
  2. NEXT
    • Decide how many workouts you plan to do each week, and on what days, as well as any other specific training needs you might need to make room for.
  3. THEN
    • Decide how many miles you want to ruck each day, and on which days. Fill in the expected miles on the proper days. Remember, miles that you cover during Challenge efforts count to your overall total.
    • Leave the last week or two as room for error. Give yourself space to make up missed segments! Life gets in the way, so it's always smart to have room at the end of the 12 weeks so you're not racing to the end. 🙂

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