Level Up Challenges - Everything You Need to Know


The PATHFINDER Level Up Challenges are designed for Forward and Endure program rosters to train up mileage to Endure and Advanced standards.

Challenge Purpose

  • The PATHFINDER Level Up Challenges are designed for athletes training up to the next PATHFINDER program. This allows for additional mileage (and optional weight) to count in Forward and Endure.

Challenge Distance Requirements

  • Life: This is not currently a Challenge for Life programming.
  • Forward: Ruck an additional 50 miles for a total of 125 miles in 12 weeks.
  • Endure: Ruck an additional 75 miles for a total of 200 miles in 12 weeks.
  • Advanced: This is not currently a Challenge for Advanced programming.
  • Horizon: This is not currently a Challenge for Horizon programming.

Challenge Weight Requirements

  • Forward: There are no ruck weight requirements.
  • Endure: There are no ruck weight requirements. However, this is an excellent opportunity to begin slowly adding 10% to your ruck weight over the course of the 12 week cycle. It is ideal to enter Advanced programming with a 30lb ruck weight and add 10% each week to get to the Advanced required 45# dry weight. (If over 150lbs body weight)
    Please FULLY READ EYNTK: How do I increase my ruck weight prior to adjusting your ruck weight.

Challenge Time Requirements

  • There are no time requirements for this Challenge.

      Challenge Restrictions

      • Ruck safely. Communicate your route and estimated times to another individual/party who can alert
      • YOU MUST COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE LAWS AND RESTRICTIONS. DO NOT TRESPASS. If you are in doubt contact facility management for a clear understanding of access to and usage of any facility’s property. PATHFINDER assumes no liability whatsoever for any actions taken by a PATHFINDER roster.

      PATHFINDER assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries, damages or death. A roster assumes all risk associated with their participation in any and all PATHFINDER programming.



            • Thanks for adding this. I’m super excited and felt too nervous and didn’t know how to get to advanced. I feel like this is the perfect prep!

            • Thank you!


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