Coupon Ruck Challenge -
Everything You Need To Know

The PATHFINDER Coupon Ruck Challenge was designed to directly translate training to the real event scenarios experienced in a GORUCK Event.

Challenge Purpose

  • The PATHFINDER Coupon Ruck Challenge is meant to prepare your mind and body for heavy coupon carries over miles and stress-test your ability to perform under significant, additional weight. This Challenge is best performed with a small team (2 - 3 people is ideal), but can be completed with a sole participant.

Challenge Parameters

  • Be creative This Challenge is meant to do done with heavy, awkward implements, and you won't always get a sandbag at your Event (if you are in training for one currently). Some additional options aside from a sandbag would be water cans, concrete blocks, heavy rocks, tires, etc.
  • Train like you fight Do not simply split the weight between two people. (Unless you decide to farmer's carry 80# as a team for some mileage.) This Challenge is meant to challenge you. Go 80# while your teammate rests, or split the weight into 60# and 20#. Make a loop and switch from sandbag carries to farmer's carries. You also likely won't carry 80# solo for more than a mile (hopefully), but you will carry it some of the time. In a real Event setting, your cadre will not make carries easy or fair. Get your mind right, now. 

Challenge Distance Requirements

  • Life: This is not currently a Challenge for Life programming. However, the Life Weight+ Challenge is similar and information can be found here. (In order to access this page, you must be a Life Roster.)
  • Forward: Move 45# of coupons for every two people at least 8 miles.
  • Endure: Move 80# of coupons for every two people at least 10 miles.
  • Advanced: Move 80# of coupons for every two people at least 10 miles. (Rucks must be at the Advanced prescribed weight of 45lbs over 150lbs of body weight, 30lbs under 150lbs of body weight.)
  • Advanced: Ocala: This is not a current Challenge.
  • Stirling: This is not a current Challenge.
  • Horizon: This is not a current Challenge.
  • Compete: Move 80# of coupons for every two people at least 10 milesRuck weight requirement (in addition to coupon weight): 45 lb. ruck (dry weight) Male, or a 30 lb. ruck (dry weight) Female.

Challenge Weight Requirements

  • Forward and Endure: there is no stated minimum ruck weight requirement. An appropriately challenging weight for the rosters fitness level must be in the ruck at all times.
  • Advanced: 45lb / 20kg ruck dry weight for body weight of 150lb / 68kg or more, or 30lb / 13kg ruck dry weight for body weight less than 150lb / 68kg
  • Compete: 45 lb / 20kg ruck (dry weight) Open, or a 30 lb / 13kg ruck (dry weight) Females

Challenge Time Requirements

  • There are no time requirements for this Challenge.

Challenge Guide for Individuals (Solo Challenge)

The standards remain the same if you are doing the Coupon Ruck Challenge by yourself. That being said, commit to this Challenge smartly. You do not need to carry the full Rx weight for all of the miles, but you need to carry it for some of the distance.

Here are simple models for an individual to use as a plan to complete this Challenge alone. 

Choose a one-mile loop route or a one-mile there-and-back route and follow this plan

  • Forward: 45# Rx Coupon Weight
    • Mile 1: carry the full Rx weight (45#)
    • Mile 2: carry half the Rx weight (20-25#)
    • Mile 3: carry no extra weight (0#)
    • Mile 4: full Rx weight (45#)
    • Mile 5: half Rx weight (20-25#)
    • Mile 6: no extra weight (0#)
    • Mile 7: full Rx weight (45#)
    • Mile 8: half Rx weight (20-25#)
  • Endure/Advanced: 80# Rx Coupon Weight
    • Mile 1: carry the full Rx weight (80#)
    • Mile 2: carry half the Rx weight (40#)
    • Mile 3: carry no extra weight (0#)
    • Mile 4: full Rx weight (80#)
    • Mile 5: half Rx weight (40#)
    • Mile 6: no extra weight (0#)
    • Mile 7: full Rx weight (80#)
    • Mile 8: half Rx weight (40#)
    • Mile 9: no extra weight (0#)
    • Mile 10: full Rx weight (80#)

    Challenge Restrictions

    • Ruck safely. Communicate your route and estimated times to another individual/party who can alert
    • YOU MUST COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE LAWS AND RESTRICTIONS. DO NOT TRESPASS. If you are in doubt contact facility management for a clear understanding of access to and usage of any facility’s property. PATHFINDER assumes no liability whatsoever for any actions taken by a PATHFINDER roster.

    PATHFINDER assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries, damages or death. A roster assumes all risk associated with their participation in any and all PATHFINDER programming.


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