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APFT Challenge

The APFT Challenge is a commonly and historically used US Army baseline fitness assessment. While it has since been replaced by the ACFT, the APFT is a physically demanding, easily replicated assessment designed to test the athlete to the best of their abilities. PATHFINDER Ruck Training will continue to use the APFT as a gold-standard assessment for all eligible rosters.

Challenge Purpose

  • A commonly used military baseline fitness assessment, the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), is a commonly administered challenge in GORUCK Events and the roster should be physically and mentally prepared.
  • "The APFT provides a measure of upper and lower body muscular endurance. It is a performance test that indicates a (roster's) ability to perform physically and handle his or her own body weight. Army Physical Fitness Test standards are adjusted for age and physiological differences between the genders." (From ArmyPRT.com)

    Challenge Parameters

    The roster should aim to meet all reasonable site-related APFT requirements as described in this document: (APFT Test Site) (We find a high school track to be sufficient for the test.)
    • The APFT is Age/Gender weighted
    • You must score a minimum of 60 in each of the following events:
      • 2 Minutes: Maximum Push-Ups (Proper Form)
      • 2 Minutes: Maximum Sit-Ups (Proper Form)
      • 2 Mile Run
    • Use this scoring calculator: http://apftcalculator.com/
    • If the roster PASSES the APFT on the FIRST attempt (according to age/gender criteria using the apftcalculator.com link above), they may log this Challenge as complete.
    • If the roster FAILS the APFT on the first attempt:
      • Forward: If the roster improves their score in four APFT attempts, they PASS the Challenge requirements. An improvement is defined as a better number for any of the 3 dimensions WITHOUT falling back in any other dimension. There are no limits to the number of attempts. This is an optional Challenge for Forward and does not affect the roster's ability to Finish their PATHFINDER Ruck Training Class. If the roster PASSES, according to the APFT calendar, at any attempt, they may stop and utilize that score.
      • Endure: Must achieve a score of 250, exceeding the passing score, with a minimum of at least 60 in each dimension. (No limit to attempts, but no attempts count for improvement.) This is an optional Challenge for Endure and does not affect the roster's ability to Finish their PATHFINDER Ruck Training Class.
      • Advanced: Must achieve a score of 250, exceeding the passing score, with a minimum of at least 60 in each dimension. (No limit to attempts, but no attempts count for improvement.) The APFT 250 Score is REQUIRED for Advanced. Failure to achieve a 250 on the APFT during the course of the roster's 12-week PATHFINDER Ruck Training Class means the roster does not complete the requirements of PATHFINDER Advanced and will not ENDEX.
    • *If a roster is in back-to-back PATHFINDER classes and has used the APFT as a baseline fitness assessment, they may apply their score from ENDEX of the previous class to STARTEX at the next class. The window of acceptable time between the ENDEX APFT assessment and STARTEX of the next class is seven (7) days.

    Challenge Weight Requirements

    • Forward, Endure and Advanced: There is no ruck requirement for the APFT and one should not be worn.

    Challenge Restrictions

    • YOU MUST COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE LAWS AND RESTRICTIONS as stated by the building or parking garage management/signage. DO NOT TRESPASS. If you are in doubt contact facility management for a clear understanding of access to and usage of any facility’s property. PATHFINDER assumes no liability whatsoever for any actions taken by a PATHFINDER roster.

    Qualifying Run Modification

    • We are now allowing for alternatives to the APFT run for Forward/Endure ONLY. If Advanced rosters are not training for a specific event on their calendar, they may be eligible on a case-by-case basis for this alternative. This decision will be made together by the roster's CA and PATHFINDER'S Director of Programming.
    • If a PATHFINDER Forward or Endure roster is attempting the APFT and needs a modification for the run portion of the assessment, they qualify for that modification if:
      • They have a reasonable medical ailment or injury that prevents them from running
      • A dislike of running is not acceptable.
    • Alternate aerobic events assess the cardio respiratory and muscular endurance of rosters that cannot perform the 2-mile run. The alternate aerobic APFT events are the following:

      • 800-Yard-Swim Test.
      • 6.2-Mile Stationary-Cycle Ergometer Test.
      • 6.2-Mile Bicycle Test.
      • 2.5-Mile Walk Test.

      The roster should log the Challenge and put their alternate time in. In Notes, they should post what alternative they did, and if they met the standard or not. The same rules for meeting the standard apply, and if they did not meet the standard, they must try again. They must use the same alternate aerobic selection for each APFT attempt.



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