36-Mile Pre/Post Workout Challenge - Everything You Need to Know

The PATHFINDER 36-Mile Pre/Post Workout Challenge is designed to directly translate training to the real event scenarios experienced in an endurance ruck Event.

Challenge Purpose

This challenge provides conditioning for rucking and working out in succession and wearing the ruck for longer periods of time.

  • During most ruck endurance events, you will be required to ruck for distance followed by relatively intense PT/workout sessions. This 36 Mile Pre/Post Workout Challenge provides the physical and mental conditioning needed to thrive in those situations.
  • Balancing this conditioning over the course of the program provides optimum results. It's important to build this conditioning over time rather than trying to complete it in a tight block of time. This is why we have placed a maximum mile limitation on how many miles you can count towards this Challenge at one time. Plan this Challenge out for your best results.

Challenge Parameters

  • Complete a total of 36 ruck miles immediately before and/or after qualifying workouts.
    • If you are training for a ruck endurance event, this challenge is most effective when done with PATHFINDER Ruck Workouts
  • Ruck with the weight required for your program (see below)
  • Ruck miles will count before the workouts (pre), after the workouts (post), or both before and after the workouts (pre and post). Your choices are:
    • Ruck, then Workout - or -
    • Workout, then Ruck - or -
    • Ruck, then Workout, then Ruck again
  • Miles rucked in the course of performing workouts are not counted towards the 36 total miles, with the following exception:
    • Miles rucked in the course of completing PATHFINDER "RUCK+" Workouts will count towards the 36 total miles

Challenge Mileage Limitations

  • Life This Challenge is not required for Life programming
  • Forward
    • Minimum of one (1) mile before or after
    • Maximum of three (3) miles before of after
  • Endure
    • Minimum of three (3) miles before or after
    • Maximum of six (6) miles before of after
  • Advanced
    • Minimum of four (4) miles before or after
    • Maximum of six (6) miles before of after
  • Compete & Stirling This Challenge is not required for Compete or Stirling programming

Challenge Weight Requirements

  • Forward and Endure: there is no stated minimum ruck weight requirement. An appropriately challenging weight for the roster's fitness level must be in the ruck at all times.
  • Advanced: 45# ruck dry weight for body weight of 150# or more, or 30# ruck dry weight for body weight less than 150#

How To Log Your Work

  • This Challenge is not complete until you've rucked the full 36 miles. Log your miles with your workout and use the Notes section to keep track of how many miles you have completed.
    • For example: "6 of 36 Miles Complete for the Pre/Post Challenge"
  • When you've completed all 36 miles, mark it in the Notes and mark the Challenge as completed by choosing it from the Challenges drop-down menu.

Challenge NOTES:

  • Although you may ruck more miles than the stated maximums above those miles can not be counted toward the 36 required miles for this Challenge.

Challenge Restrictions

  • Ruck safely. Communicate your route and estimated times to another individual/party who can alert
  • YOU MUST COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE LAWS AND RESTRICTIONS. DO NOT TRESPASS. If you are in doubt contact facility management for a clear understanding of access to and usage of any facility’s property. PATHFINDER assumes no liability whatsoever for any actions taken by a PATHFINDER roster.

PATHFINDER assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries, damages or death. A roster assumes all risk associated with their participation in any and all PATHFINDER programming.


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