TAILBLAZER - For 4-Legged Companions

TAILBLAZER - For 4-Legged Companions

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  • 4-Legged Fur Babies


  • Dogs cannot register without a human that is registered for PFF, PFE, or PFA. TAILBLAZERS is a companion program.
  • In order for the dog to successfully complete TAILBLAZERS, their registered human must also successfully complete their PATHFINDER program requirements.



  • 1 Blank Roster Patch
  • Exclusive Finisher's Patch (upon successful completion of the program)


  • Class 015 begins on 02/01/2018 and ends on 04/30/2018
  • Class 016 begins on 05/01/2018 and ends on 07/31/2018
  • Class 017 begins on 08/01/2018 and ends on 10/31/2018
  • Class 018 begins on 11/01/2018 and ends on 01/31/2019


Over a twelve week period, your pup will complete the following:

  • Ruck at least half as many miles as their human
  • The 12-mile challenge must be completed as per the PFF, PFE, or PFA requirements as one of the human challenges and the companion must complete it too.
  • The dog’s registered human must post a video of their dog executing the following commands - sit, down and stay. The stay must last at least 1 minute.