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Join us for a SIX WEEK Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching experience starting September 10!


Rucking is walking with a backpack on, but it's also so much more than that. It's building full-body power and strength. It's building cardiovascular stamina and great posture. It's building grit and determination as you learn what you're really capable of. With this exclusive offer to Mother Ruckers of the Northshore, get:

  • Six weeks of Customized Personal Training
  • Six weeks of Customized Nutrition Coaching
  • Three one-on-one Zoom calls
  • Three group coaching Zoom calls on alternating weeks
  • Online training log to record your work
  • Success Guide PDF

Training doesn't have to be hard to be effective. It just needs to be consistent! With this exclusive coaching bundle just for Mother Ruckers of the Northshore, you'll get the very best of PATHFINDER Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching for personal accountability, focus and results.

The workouts? Written for you, with your equipment, and emailed to you once a week.

The Nutrition coaching? Built around your preferences and needs.

Build power, strength, and torch as many calories as running with our exclusive SIX WEEK COACHING BUNDLEGet personalized, experienced coaching guidance and support, built just for you, with our experienced trainer, Amy Petersen, along with a customized training plan that will challenge you every step of the way.


First, sign up! Then, grab a backpack and some weight. We recommend starting with whatever you have around the house, like books or household items. Our trainer will help you choose the right weight for your fitness level and goals. We never push anyone harder than they're willing to go. Feel confident that you'll be training in ways that are right for your body.


Yes! Rucking is a great path to fitness, especially if you're not a runner or have had to stop running due to prior injury. It provides all the physical resistance of running, but without the pounding on your joints. Rucking also improves your core strength and posture, torches calories, and makes you stronger. Combined with your weekly personal workouts and personalized nutrition coaching, we can help you achieve the best shape of your life. Sign up today and start your journey to a healthier, happier you!


  • Your workouts arrive via email on your scheduled day every week. Do them according to your schedule, and get ready to see results!
  • Comprehensive, one-on-one support for even greater accountability and an approach that works just for you.
  • We use your equipment You have stuff -- but how should you use it? Every week, the workout features what you have available and uses it to best achieve the results you're after. We accommodate all kinds of schedules and training needs.
  • Learn healthy nutrition habits other programs don't touch! Things like how to handle pre and post-workout nutrition, cravings, behaviors, and more!
  • Real, nutrient-dense food guidance on making the very best choices for your personal needs and lifestyle.
  • Macros (proteins, carbs, and fat) designed for your height, current weight, goal weight loss, and Event plans.
  • Recipes, meal planning ideas, and tips that work with your preferences and needs, including meal times with children.
Our goal is to continue to create a lifelong appreciation for your body, what it's capable of, and how to look at food and exercise as sources of fuel and healthy enjoyment.
We don't offer meal plans, we offer real world guidance you can use immediately to start reaching your goals. We don't offer weird diets that remove entire food groups, but instead, we work on realistic changes that can last you your entire life. 

What kinds of workouts will I get?

This bundle is for six weeks of Personal Training – so that means workouts specifically designed for you, your equipment, and your needs and goals. Standard face-to-face personal training can be expensive and time-consuming and not always fit your ideal schedule. With PATHFINDER Personal Training, you will receive a weekly personalized workout spreadsheet, linked with the necessary videos for each exercise, that you can do on your schedule.

By doing Personal Training this way, your personalized weekly workouts cost about $24 per week, instead of the $100 per week I charge face-to-face in a gym! That's a huge savings for the same work!

Do I have to follow a weird diet?

No way! The path to nutrition success (regardless of if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or learn how to eat in a more nutritionally balanced way) begins with behaviors, not food groups. Every food group is welcomed with open arms (yes, even carbs) because our bodies deserve to be well-nourished, and we need them to be as we get stronger and fitter. In our Nutrition Coaching sessions, we start work on life-long skills and habits that work in the real world and complement your life, your experiences and preferences, and your schedule. Food is what drives your training. It has the power to build more muscles, create more energy and improve our sleep. 

What clients have to say:

"The email advertisement said "Two Words: Game Changer." Well, I needed a game-changer. After reaching out and getting in touch with Amy Petersen (Grand-Master Extraordinaire of the XP Program) via email, I was convinced that XP was going to help me get my edge back. I signed up and began the program on May 10th.
As of this writing, I have been in the XP Program for a little over a month and a half. The results have been staggering. The workouts are NO JOKE. They are intentional and target areas where I am weak. While enrolled in XP, we are using the PATHFINDER Endure program as a template, so in addition to the workouts, we are working our way through mileage and challenges. She allows enough flexibility for me to make the workouts and challenges work for my schedule, including frequent travel days.
The PATHFINDER XP Program is a no-brainer. It is comprehensive and priced to compete with any reasonable gym memberships. Amy is accommodating, friendly, and not afraid to challenge me. I haven't felt this strong in years and fully expect to continue with the program once this cycle is complete." - Coleman Morrell, PATHFINDER 14-395

Update!... Cole is now on his 2nd year of XP Training and wrote the following:
The Pathfinder XP Program has helped me remain consistent, and that consistency has had an incredible impact on my fitness. Regular check-ins with Amy helped me stay on track, and I look forward to the discussions about fitness, nutrition, and whatever else is top of mind. 

The benefits I have experienced over the last two years are:
  • Accountability
  • Multiple Training Modalities
  • Flexibility
  • Encouragement
  • Reduced Fat
  • Increased Muscle
  • Faster Runs/Rucks
  • Increased Physical Performance at Work
  • Increased confidence in my body and mind

PATHFINDER Nutrition was the perfect balance of knowledge and encouragement that I needed to make important changes. Amy gave me real-world tips and tricks to help feed my entire family healthier with my crazy schedule. I left the program with long-term habits for success! -- Andrea B.

Who will I be working with? Who is PATHFINDER?

Amy PetersenPATHFINDER Ruck Training is a global, virtual online ruck training program used by over 10,000 ruck endurance athletes and led by Amy & Lyell Petersen.

Amy, a real-live Mother Rucker, has trained thousands of endurance athletes, both virtually and face-to-face, from beginners who aren't even sure they're athletes yet, to athletes participating in multi-day ultra-distance ruck endurance events. Amy is PATHFINDER Ruck Training's Director of Programming and creates the programming, workouts, and Challenges PATHFINDER rosters work out with every day. She is nationally certified as an ACE-CPT, and also has multiple certifications in endurance sports training, as well as a PN-1, and PN-SSR.

Amy lives in Charlotte, NC, with her family and is a mom of 3 nearly-grown kids while wrangling 3 dogs, 1 bunny, and 1 frog in day-to-day-life! When she's not doing those things, you can find her in a hot yoga studio, under a heavy barbell, or rucking with really heavy things for really long distances.

If you're tired of where you are, we get it. 

Everyone deserves a body they're proud of. We work with you to continue to build confidence, acceptance, and a positive mindset towards your body and your goals. It's possible to both love your body and its current and future potential AND change your eating habits and nutrition to fully reap the benefits of healthier choices.


More questions? Email Amy at