PATHFINDER & Ruck Strong

PATHFINDER Ruck Training and Ruck Strong have now aligned our start dates so you can achieve the maximum benefit of combining these two programs.

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Purchase any PATHFINDER & Ruck Strong pairing below before December 31st to lock in current PATHFINDER pricing before prices rise for 2021.

PATHFINDER Advanced & Ruck Strong
PATHFINDER Endure & Ruck Strong
PATHFINDER Forward & Ruck Strong
PATHFINDER Life & Ruck Strong
PATHFINDER Horizon & Ruck Strong

Ruck Strong - Buffalo Logo

Ruck Strong

Strength Training for People Who Ruck


Ruck Strong is a weight training program designed to complement and enhance the ruck training that you already do. Ruck Strong is programmed to optimize how the strength you gain in the gym transfers to the development of rucking speed and durability. Visit today to learn more.