Week 8 of our Rucklympics Team Challenge! How are you and your team doing? Keep up the great work, and remember that you can add a point to your team's tally by doing additional PATHFINDER workouts! You should sense a trend during this's a core workout. 


  • Ruck with Weight
  • Two free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, gallon jugs of water)


RUCK SQUATS Wearing your ruck on your front to remind you to sit back into your squat rather than fall forward, sit down in your squat, knees over your second toe, abs engaged and glutes firing.

RENENGADE ROWS 2 Free Weights Needed Begin in high plank (hands) position. The closer your feet are together, the harder the plank is. You can choose to hold plank with your weights in your hands, or, if your weights are more awkward, like a gallon jug of water, it can be just to the sides of your hands. Without tipping or dropping your hips, row the weight in one hand up, until the weight is parallel with your chest, the eye of your elbow pointing to the ceiling. Bring the weight back down and perform on the opposite side. You may choose to not wear your ruck.

DECLINE RUCK PUSH-UPS Begin in push-up position. Put your feet on the ruck for a small incline and proceed with bodyweight push-ups. Make sure your elbows are close to your ribs. If you need more of a challenge AND you’ve been doing ruck push-ups awhile, place your feet on a step, two steps or a bench.

PLANK RUCK PULL THROUGHS Begin in high-plank position. Your ruck should be just to the right or left of your side. Reach under your body with the arm opposite your ruck and pull your ruck to the other side. This is a single count movement today, so each pull through counts as 1 rep.

RUCK RUSSIAN TWISTS Seated on the floor, knees bent, feet flat, hold your ruck in your hands. Lean back. Rotate just your core (not your hips, there's no rocking here) and touch the bottom of your ruck to the ground near your hips. Rotate to the opposite side. If you need more of a challenge AND you can keep a flat back, you may hover your feet off the ground. If your back begins to round at any point, put your feet back down on the ground. This is a single count movement today, so each rotation counts as 1 rep.


5 rounds

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