Week 6 of Rucklympics is here! We are almost half-way through this PATHFINDER round, and we hope you're enjoying working with your small group team to knock these out!


  • Ruck with weight


RUCK THRUSTER Holding your ruck in your hands near the straps, sit back into a squat and on rising, raise your ruck up overhead.

ONE ARM RUCK PUSH PRESS Rack your ruck by the top handle with one hand. (Racking your ruck = with bent elbow tight to your ribs, hand gripping ruck handle and the back of your ruck resting on your forearm.) Bring your free arm out to the side, hand in a fist for stability. Keep your stability arm still while you raise your ruck up overhead. A push press includes a small dip prior to the ruck raise, and you may need to spend a few reps practicing before you have a fluid movement.

TRIANGLE PUSH-UPS: MOD: Knee Push-Ups MOD: Feet (heels) against a wall for assisted toe push-ups Beginning in plank position, bring your thumbs and index fingers together in a triangle shape. Keep this hand position throughout your reps. Keep elbows close to your ribs, the 'eyes' of your elbows pointing to the ceiling on each down movement.

HAND TO ELBOW PLANK MOD: Hold plank - high or elbow are both appropriate - for :30 seconds to 1:00 ++ Begin in high plank position (plank on your hands), hips level, core engaged, quads lifting up from your knees. Bring one elbow down at a time into an elbow plank before raising back up into a high plank.

4-COUNT LOW SQUAT WALK W/RUCK ON FRONT Begin by wearing your ruck on the front of your body. Get into low squat position, knees over second toe, and squat-walk forward in 4-count paces (example: 1,2,3-1 rep 1,2,3-2 rep etc). Keeping one hand balled into a fist, with the other hand wrapped over your first, elbows out and away from your body helps maintain your core stability. This isn’t a duck walk, which is far lower, but you can do a duck walk if your squat mobility allows it.

ALTERNATING LATERAL LUNGES W/RUCK Bring your ruck up to your chest and hold it on the top and bottom in both hands. Stand hip width apart. Bring one leg out to the side in a lateral (side) lunge, keeping your ruck at your chest, elbows tight to your ribs. Bring your lunging leg back to center and perform on the opposite side.

WORKOUT x 2-4 Rounds

  • 12 x Ruck Thruster
  • 12 x One Arm Ruck Push Press - Left
  • 12 x One Arm Ruck Push Press - Right
  • 12 x Triangle Push-Ups
  • 12 x Hand to Elbow Plank
  • 12 x Mountain Climbers
  • 12 x (paces) 4-Count Low Squat Walk w/ Ruck on Front
  • 12 x Alternating Lateral Lunges w/ Chest-Racked Ruck


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