This week's Rucklympics Team Workout is a great Pyramid Chipper. Chipper workouts are ones you just chip away at until you've completed the round, and pyramid workouts have work in descending reps. This workout should be short and sweet for Beginners and Intermediate rosters, so you may want to add miles to this workout (either before or after) to get a great workout for the day.

Beginners: 1 Round

Intermediate: 2 Rounds

Advanced: 3 Rounds

What exercises do I need to know?

JUMP ROPE  NO RUCK This can be “imaginary” on up to double-unders if you’ve got the skill and equipment. Choose according to your fitness level.

HEISMANS NO RUCK Heisman's are wide-stance High Knees. Rather than doing the movement with knees stacked under your hips, you will begin with your feet wider than hip width, knees with a soft bend. Jog your right knee up towards your left shoulder, then jog your left knee up to your right shoulder. Jump between feet until your set is complete. MOD: Walk your feet up from a march position.



RUCK SWINGS If you've never done a ruck swing before, the first thing I need you to remember is this is a hamstring and glute movement, NOT an arm movement. Begin with a wide stance, arms down in front with the ruck handle in both hands. Hinge from your hips as you take a dip squat, swing the ruck between your knees and think "knees glide, hip drives" as your use your glutes and hamstrings to power the ruck up to shoulder level.

RUCK THRUSTERS Thrusters are a squat with an overhead press. Start with feet shoulder width apart, knees tracking over your second toe. Without dumping your weight forward, sit back into you squat, firing your glutes. Your ruck should be in your hands, elbows bent, ruck to chest. Squat, and on the way up, lift your ruck up overhead. MOD: Use lighter weights

RUCK SIT-UP Begin in sit-up position, butt on the ground, feet flat on the floor. Your ruck should be in a bear-hug at your chest. Lay down into the sit-up, and as you rise, lift your ruck up overhead. Avoid using momentum to complete the movement! It's hard on hip flexors. Even if your core is weak, I want you to think about using every abdominal muscle to bring your body up. MOD: Use lighter weights


Always warm up shoulders before a workout that's heavy upper body. Use resistance bands or bodyweight to:

  • Rotate arms in their sockets - think large arm circles to start, ending with small arm circles.
  • Swim arms (think Olympic swimmers)
  • Scapular push-ups - on a wall or the floor, get in push-up position (knees ok). Rather than bending your elbows, keep your arms straight and retract and extend your shoulder blades. It's a small movement, but necessary work to refine good push-up form and warming up your shoulders.


Pyramid workout x 1-3 Rounds

  • 50 x Jump Rope
  • 40 x Heismans (slow or fast)
  • 30 x Ruck Swings
  • 20 x Ruck Thrusters
  • 10 x Ruck Sit-Up

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