Week 10 of our Class 029 Rucklympics team workout is here! Class is fast approaching endex. Make sure you are logging your work, and have made a plan to finish things out! If you're not sure you'll be finishing, at least make a commitment to close things out with a few more miles and workouts. Consistency is the key to PATHFINDER, and there is always the next round to try again.

You may pick completing between 2-4 rounds of this workout. Make your decision based on your current fitness level and the difficulty of your workouts from the last three days. If you've worked out every day for that time period, select 2 rounds. If you've recently had a rest day and are feeling fresh, select 3-4 rounds.


  • Ruck + weight


4-COUNT RUCK FRONT RAISES Begin by standing tall, core engaged, feet hip width apart. Gripping your ruck by the left and right sides, and pressing your shoulders down and away from your ears, slowly lift your ruck with the count "1...2...3..." and when your ruck is parallel with your shoulders, "1 rep." Bring your arms down slowly and follow the sequence again for "2." This is a slow movement. Take your time and use good shoulder form.

RUCK OVERHEAD SQUATS Standing tall, core engaged, glutes firing. Hold your ruck by the sides and bring it up overhead, your shoulders deep in their "pockets." Sit back into your squat, keeping your core tight and body lifted up, like a string is connecting your spine to the ceiling. Make sure your knees track over your second toe.

RUCK TRICEPS EXTENSIONS Begin by standing, feet hip width apart, core engaged. Bring your ruck up overhead, hands on both sides. Bend your elbows, bringing your ruck behind your head. Raise and lower your ruck, bending at the elbows, to complete the movement. Squeeze your triceps at the top of each rep.

RUCK SWINGS Begin by standing, feet wider than hip width to accommodate the ruck swinging between your knees. Hinging from your hips, use your legs and glutes to power your ruck swing. Your ruck will glide between your knees and then to parallel with your shoulders.

PLANK JACKS Begin in high plank (hands) position. Jump your feet open and closed, like in a jumping jack, while keeping your core tight. This should feel like a solid strength movement, not a bouncy lack of body control.

PUSH-UPS MOD: Bodyweight only; Knees ok or press your heels into a wall for additional core support. If you have good core strength and control, you may wear your ruck.

RUCK GROUND TO OVERHEAD Begin by standing. Your ruck should be on the ground at your feet. Squat down (not bend over!) to pick your ruck up from the ground, rise and raise your ruck up overhead. Squat down to place your ruck back on the floor.

RUCK BRIDGES Begin by laying on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Rest your ruck on your pelvis. Lift your hips off the floor, using your glutes and hamstrings to drive the movement. Stop when you feel a little pressure in your shoulders, hold for a 3-count, and then bring your hips back down with control, barely touching the ground before lifting again for the second rep.

RUCK SIT-UPS Mod: Bodyweight only Begin by sitting, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Bear hug your ruck as you proceed to lean back into your sit-up, and then bring yourself back up. 


2-4 Rounds (see notes above)

  • 15 x Ruck Front Raises
  • 15 x Ruck Overhead Squats
  • 15 x Ruck Triceps Extensions

2-4 Rounds

  • 15 x Ruck Swings
  • 15 x Plank Jacks
  • 15 x Push-Ups (bodyweight or ruck)

2-4 Rounds

  • 15 x Ruck Ground to Overhead
  • 15 x Ruck Bridges
  • 15 x Ruck Sit-Ups

Cool Down Ruck 1-3 Miles, ruckers choice.


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