Log Changes - 11/10/20

Two new important features have been added to the PATHFINDER roster logging system. We wanted to make sure we described the changes in detail to address any questions you may have.

1) Progress Toward Completion

The new Progress Toward Completion bar is a snapshot of what the Roster has logged that counts toward their Class completion. It appears at the top of log dash under Roster detail table.

The content this bar will highlight:
  • Miles Logged / Miles Required
  • Workouts Logged / Workouts Required
  • Challenges Logged / Challenges Required

This Progress Towards Completion bar is currently only available for Endure. We will strive to have it accessible with other programs as soon as we can.

2) PATHFINDER Resources

Here, a roster will find a collection of useful program-specific, class-specific, and perennial links to valuable resources. 
The Links follow to:
  • Program Requirements (specific to Roster)
  • Workout Library (new workout blog)
  • Everything you need to know (support blog)
  • Facebook Group (specific to Class)
  • Patch Service (form for missing patch support)
  • Email Support (support@pathfinderrucktraining.com)

This resource link grouping is currently only available for Life, Forward, Endure, and Advanced.

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