Rucklympics Relay - Everything You Need to Know

PATHFINDER Rucklympics Relay's purpose is to encourage as many Rosters as possible to get out and get rucking on a regular basis, as well as giving Rosters who may be behind (or who may have stopped) a bit of motivation to catch up on miles or get back into the Program. The more Rosters in a Group who are participating in the relay, the better! 

How will this work?

The PATHFINDER Rucklympics Relay is a 50-mile (per Group) virtual relay to be completed in successive two (2) mile segments over the month of October.

Rosters may sign up for as many segments as they want. Rosters can sign up for up to 3 consecutive segments. See below for sign up details.

Only one segment can be completed at a time per small group. Rosters cannot ruck segments simultaneously. When the first two mile segment is completed the second segment can be started.

There are no restrictions as to when the first segment can be started, except that it can't be started prior to October 4.

Once a segment is complete and the time has been submitted by the Roster, then the next segment can begin. There are no restrictions as to when the next segment can be started, as long as the prior segment has been completed.

All segments must be completed by midnight October 31th, Eastern Time.

Sign Ups & Reporting

In each roster's Log page, there is a link to their Group's Relay Segment Sign Up & Results Reporting form. One form will serve both purposes.

Rosters will be able to sign up for segments as soon as we release the forms. The sign up form will list all Rosters who have signed up for segments in order, 1 through 25. 

On October 4, a reporting field will appear for the Roster in the first segment slot. When the Roster completes the first two mile segment they will submit their ruck time via the reporting field.

Once the first segment performance time is submitted, the next Roster will be automatically notified via email that it's their turn to begin their segment, and a reporting field will appear for the next segment (given the next segment has been signed up for).

Any errors in sign ups or reporting should be reported by the Roster to PATHFINDER Support (


The Group with the fastest handicapped overall average pace per mile will earn 15 points. Next fastest will earn 14 points, and so on. If all Groups complete the relay, the Group with the slowest handicapped overall average pace per mile will earn one (1) point.

Any Group that completes a only portion of the Relay will earn only one (1) point.

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