Ruckathlon - Rucklympics August '21 Challenge - Everything You Need to Know

Let’s talk Ruckathlon!

Wait. What's Ruckathlon?

It's PATHFINDER'S August 2021 Rucklympics Monthly Challenge. This document may change as we firm up more specifics and rosters ask more questions (you all are great about asking everything!) but edits will be noted on the main Class Facebook page.

This Everything You Need to Know Guide will explain the different facets in greater detail, and answer questions related to the August Ruckathlon. We will go over:

  • Why Ruckathlon?
  • How do I do this?
  • Can I do all of it?
  • Group Exercises: How does this work?
  • Secret Workouts
  • Miles
  • Can I include my miles from other things, like PATHFINDER Challenges or Events?
  • How do I log this?
  • Rules you need to know


8/13 : Miles should be completed as a strict ruck, no running or shuffling permitted.

Why Ruckathlon?

Because it’s fun! It’s a new idea for PATHFINDER and we’re excited to share it with everyone! We wanted our rosters to explore the PATHFINDER workouts more, get more engaged with your team, and earn your workouts and miles while having a great time.

The PATHFINDER Rucklympics August Ruckathlon combines all the great things about PATHFINDER: Miles, Workouts and Challenges, and rolls them together into an intramural-style competition among the CA-led small groups.

How to do it:

You have the entire month of August to participate. 

  • On your personal log, there’s a big orange button that says “Ruckathlon Sign Up”
  • Once you’ve signed up for your event choice(s), you have the whole month of August to complete them. You can sign up for as much or as little as you want. You are not required to do anything every day.
  • The sign-up window will close Thursday, August 19.

Can I / Do I need to do it all? What if I don’t want to?

You can do some or even none. Participation is optional. (Although we’re pretty sure your group would love it if you participated on any level!)

GROUP EFFORT -- Burpees, Squats, Sit-Ups, and Push-Ups

To clear this up first: NO, you do NOT have to do any of the exercises for an hour. The hour is a time cap -- nothing more dramatic than that. All exercises should be performed using bodyweight, without a ruck. Do however many reps you reasonably can in one hour, submit them, and then move on with your day. The numbers will be added together and then averaged per team. You may only participate once per exercise.

We will always encourage good form, so don't cheat yourself by performing half-exercises. However, if you need to modify an exercise for injury or fitness level, that is encouraged so you can still participate with your team.

Good form means:

  • Push-Ups MOD: The athlete may perform push-ups on their knees if needed for injury or current fitness ability.
  • Squats This is a long video - 6:00. We highly recommend you watch this if you've ever struggled with squat form, reaching parallel (or greater) or your knees or ankles buckle inwards.
  • Sit-Ups Excellent advice on how to improve your sit-up form
  • Burpees MOD: The athlete who requires a Burpee modification for injury or fitness level, may walk their Burpee out into a plank, walk their feet up and stand with arms raised.

Can I add to my team’s Group Exercise number over the course of the month?

No. You have one opportunity to do each exercise within the individual exercise time cap. The effort for Ruckathlon must be independent of any Challenges you are doing in programming, but miles (and workouts) will always count.


WORKOUTS: The workouts are secret and will be sent to the rosters who sign up via a link in their log form. Multiple people can sign up for the workouts. The workouts will be sent to you via email by PATHFINDER. Rosters will be judged on the best time. You must have the equipment required for the Propel workout or the Secret Sandbag workout to qualify. By signing up for the Challenge, you are confirming you have the appropriate equipment. Please do not screenshot or forward the emails to anyone. We may use them in other Challenges.

The workouts are:

  • Secret Sandbag: A 20-60lb (9-27kg) sandbag is required for this workout.
  • Propel Workout: You must have access to: a 12-20lb (5-9kg) implement such as a med ball, wall ball, weighted sand ball, or sandbag and access to a level area to work, such as a field, backyard or park.
  • Chipper Workout: The Chipper will be a high-reps bodyweight and ruck workout.

These workouts are hard! What should I do?

The workouts were designed for Intermediate level athletes (but if you're a Beginner, still go for it!). If you get the workout and realize it's something you don't want to do, reply directly to the workout email with the word PASS in the subject header. This lets PATHFINDER admin know that you will not be completing the workout, and that your team may have an opening that will need to be filled by another team member. This makes sure that all openings have a chance of completion for the best chance at scoring well.


Can I include my miles from other Challenges/general miles/Events/etc?

No. All Ruckathlon miles must be done apart from any other Challenge or Event.

How do I log this?

  • Your log is available at
  • You may log the workout and miles you do for Ruckathlon as part of your path to Finish.
  • Submit your final numbers (either your times for workouts or miles, or your totals for Group Exercises) with the submission form.

Rules You Need to Know:

MILES: Rucks should be no lighter than 12lbs (5kg) to accommodate weight and necessary supplies such as water. PATHFINDER encourages all rosters to use their standard ruck weight to complete the miles. Rucked miles should be strict, no running or shuffling.


  • Secret Sandbag: A 20-60lb (9-27kg) sandbag is required for this workout.
  • Propel Workout: You must have access to: a 12-20lb (5-9kg) implement such as a med ball, wall ball, weighted sand ball, or sandbag and access to a level area to work, such as a field, backyard or park.
  • Chipper Workout: The Chipper will be a high-reps bodyweight and ruck workout.

GROUP: This is where teamwork really counts! We will need everyone joining in on the group burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Each roster has a one-hour time cap for each exercise. Do what you can do within one hour. Once you’ve completed the exercises, log them at the Rucklympics log link. Rosters have only one hour, per exercise, for the entire event and may not redo their hour at any other point.


By participating in PATHFINDER Rucklympics (and all PATHFINDER Ruck Training programming), you agree to the following:

I understand that physical exercise of any form is a potentially hazardous activity. I understand that fitness activities involve a risk of injury and even death and that I am voluntarily participating in the activities organized by PATHFINDER Ruck Training with knowledge of the dangers involved. 

I declare that I am physically fit and that I do not suffer from any condition, impairment, disease, infirmity, or other illness that would prevent my participation in the fitness activities.

I am aware that I may discontinue participation in the program at any time that I see fit to do so. I agree that if at any time I experience dizziness, discomfort, or pain of any type, I will stop exercising, participating in PATHFINDER activities immediately, and consult a medical practitioner. 

I assume all risks associated with the exercise and workout programs and for any physical injury or damage that may arise out of my participation in the training program or that may result from the use of the training or any activity organized by PATHFINDER Ruck Training. 

I indemnify and hold harmless PATHFINDER Ruck Training and its Course Advisors and members, from and against all liability, including death, and for any claims, demands, actions, loss, and damage arising out of or in any way connected with my participation.

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